Value-added Products & Services

We work in support of independent Artists and Labels who are ambitious to grow in a global market space, affording everyone the ability to maximizing their royalties and allowing more flexibility to focus on the creative vision. As a benefit to you, we are able to provide the following value-added products and services to match your needs; Metadata Services, Radio Airplay, Promotions, Producers Hub, etc.


Technical & admin 


Social Media coverage 

Radio AirPlay

42k+ registered  Stations

Producers Hub

Purchase or Lease Riddim


Inclusion & Ads


Highlights a produt

Optional Service

We make available to all Artists, a range of advantages not offered by traditional digital distribution companies. Our aim is for our clients to benefit from the 254 Club's multi-faceted platform that goes far beyond digital music distribution. 

We offer social media marketing & promotions packages and also make available artist management, publishing and music education courses.