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(1-3 votes per person 1 week is allowed)*

Guaranteed video and audio plays

SHH... Video registration & submission

*Audio tracks to be included to: Spotify, Deezer, Apple, Amazon and YouTube
*Live Video Plays aired in rotation here on our The 254 Club website. 

1. We accept High Def Quality Video content free from pornographic, or that consist of images that are intended to shock or disgust our viewers.
2. The 254 Club Pro Team conducts a weekly review of all submissions to ensure the content fits the criteria; theme ambience and originality of the material is strongly encouraged.
(The 254 Club Pro Team decisions are final).
3. We strongly suggest producing a Lyric Video, if access to a High Def music video is unavailable. *Note: the Live Plays is what drives our SHH… Playlists and is a valuable extension to getting more plays.
*Access the following Google Form below to make your submission