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Flexible Pricing = Membership

The 254 (Distribution Membership) Club was founded to help all Artists and Labels, to gain access to simple and effective digital Music Distribution by providing tools and services that have a global reach. This is our passion!



2 Single or 1 EP

1 week SM Promo
2 Promo videos
3 Radio Interview
Mini-Radio Airplay

-minus 12% royalty



Billed annually

2 Single + 1 EP
2 week SM Promo 
4 Promo videos
3+ Radio Interview
Mini-Radio Airplay
Blog Support

-minus 10% royalty



Billed annually

4 Single + 1 Album 
3 week SM Promo
6 Promo videos
5+ Radio Interview
Mini-Radio Airplay
Blog Support
Music Video Pro

-minus 8% royalty



Billed annually

3 Single + 2 Album
4 week SM Promo
 8 Promo videos
5+ Radio Interview
Blog Support
Music Video Pro
37k Radio Plug

-minus 6% royalty


The 254 Club specialize in large and small catalogs, independent music releases and in quality value-added marketing, promotions and educational services. We are able to distribute your content to the world's major DSPs (Digital Service Providers) such as Amazon Music, iTunes, Tidal, Spotify etc.

The 254 is not your typical Distributor; it's a Club environment and one that requires a membership! Prices varies from Free to Gold membership and averages zero to $14.99 opt-in yearly dues. Everyone is welcome!