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There’s a number of reasons to choose The 254 Club services over any competitor. 

The label service and digital distribution team draws from knowledge and experience across all facets of the music industry Utilizing years and depth of combined experience, the team is able to provide an unparalleled service to every Artist and Label 

The 254 club is a team of experts that boasts over 35 years of collaborative experience and plays a huge role within the international music marketplace Clients can look to benefit from a multi-faceted platform that goes far beyond digital music distribution.

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Distribution 101

Our digital music distribution platform includes a comprehensive and multifaceted objective; providing educational tools for Artists and Labels, coupled with other value-added service packages. We specialize in independent music releases, large and small catalogs, coupled with quality value-added marketing, promotions and educational services. 

Upload directions:
Step 1. Secure your Membership
Step 2. Click into the Distribution site and secure your own log-in credentials
Step 3. Once logged in, you can view your Contract and instructions on Creating your release
Step 4. Ensure to follow Artwork dimensions and format for your upload (WAV, FLAC, ETC)
Step 5. Double-check all pertinent fields.
*The Quality Control team will alert you, should there be errors

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us


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